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Mary Poppins (2015) 

Presented in collaboration with RMS Drama

Co-Created by Disney & Cameron Mackintosh
Original Music and Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman
Book by Julian Fellowes
New Songs and Additional Music and Lyrics by George Stiles & Anthony Drewe



  • Five full length performances of Mary Poppins were held on June 11-13, 2015 in the Lambert High School Theater (805 Nichols Rd, Suwanee, GA).


Graphic Artwork for poster: Miriam Reynolds

Winner of FIVE BroadwayWorld Atlanta Theatre Awards

Mary Poppins won the following BroadwayWorld Atlanta theater awards! 

Best Musical Non-Professional: 

Best Director of a Musical Non-Professional: 

Best Choreography Non-Professional: 

Best Actress in a Musical Non-Professional: 

Best Children's/Family Production: 

Mary Poppins 

 Miriam Reynolds, Carly Berg 

Carly Berg 

Tess Luman 

Mary Poppins

Cast of Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins:


George Banks:

Winifred Banks:

Jane Banks:

Michael Banks:

Bank Chairman:

Bird Woman:

Miss Andrew:

Miss Lark:

Miss Smythe:

Mrs. Brill:

Mrs. Corry:

Neleus/Von Hussler:


Robertson Ay:

Admiral Boom:





Katie Nanna:

Park Keeper:


Queen Victoria:
















Edwardian Citizens, Chatterboxes, Ensemble:

Tess Luman, McKenzie Rivers

Jordan Fugatt, Riley Smith

Tucker Buffington

Emily Crabtree

Callie Skipper, Kailey Souder

Jesse Hanks, Jonathan Ingram

Chase Hague

Olivia Pastore

Emily Combs, Fiona Hare

Maggie Ewing, Erin Fletcher

Emma Tillirson

Darian Payne

Danielle Heslin

Dean McKenzie

Drew Davison

Kabir Gandhi

Bud Reynolds

Jonathan Marciniak

Annie Cobb, Grace Dorminy

Ansley Allen, Audrey Darwin

Dan Berg

Cooper Ellis

Jaydan Barnes

Jacob Kotter

Reece Lamb

Jared Guerrasio

Douglas Duncan Dillard

Caroline Cannizzaro, Katie Crabtree, Emily Pazdzior, Cindy Qiu, Manali Sunkara


Katie Berny, Emma Jo Boulware, Katie Crabtree, Jared Guerrasio, Josiah Jackson, Jonathan Marciniak, Davis McKenzie, Dean McKenzie, Catherine Peets, Cindy Qiu, Holly Tillirson


Ansley Allen, Savannah Ashley, Dan Berg, Caroline Cannizzaro, Emily Combs, Katie Crabtree, Cooper Ellis, Maggie Ewing, Erin Fletcher, Jordan Fugatt, Jesse Hanks, Fiona Hare, Danielle Heslin, Jonathan Ingram, Josiah Jackson, Tess Luman, Jonathan Marciniak, Dean McKenzie, Darian Payne, Catherine Peets, Tori Perez, Cindy Qui, Samantha Richardson, McKenzie Rivers, Megan Ross, Holden Shanks, Callie Skipper, Riley Smith, Kailey Souder, Manali Sunkara, Palini Sunkara, Holly Tillirson


Ansley Allen, Savannah Ashley, Leah Autry, Jaydan Barnes, Katie Berny, Emma Jo Boulware, Caleb Burke, Caroline Cannizzaro, Annie Cobb, Emily Combs, Emily Crabtree, Katie Crabtree, Audrey Darwin, Drew Davison, Saanvi Diskalkar, Grace Dorminy, Cooper Ellis, Elora Emory, Maggie Ewing, Erin Fletcher, Jordan Fugatt, Madeline Gallagher, Madelyn Greene, Jared Guerrasio, Ashton Hague, Chase Hague, Jesse Hanks, Fiona Hare, Danielle Heslin, Jonathan Ingram, Josiah Jackson, JJ Jones, Meagan Knaack, Jacob Kotter, Angelica Krubeck, Reece Lamb, Tiffany Lee, Tess Luman, Jillian Mabry, Jonathan Marciniak, Joyanna Mattera, Davis McKenzie, Dean McKenzie, Olivia Pastore, Darian Payne, Emily Pazdzior, Catherine Peets, Tori Perez, Cindy Qiu, Carson Powers, Bud Reynolds, Samantha Richardson, McKenzie Rivers, Megan Ross, Nanditaa Satya, Kelsey Schulman, Holden Shanks, Callie Skipper, Riley Smith, Kailey Souder, Manali Sunkara, Palini Sunkara, Emma Tillirson, Holly Tillirson, Mackey Vinton, Abigail Weissmuller, Taylin Williams

Production Team and Crew




Flying Team:



Set Design:


Technical Assistance:


Set Builders:


Miriam Reynolds, Carly Ann Berg

Carly Ann Berg

Miriam Reynolds, Carmen Heslin, Kara Berny, Kellie Mattera

Tim Berny, Pete Cannizzaro, Stephen Daly, Vicki Daly, Bud Reynolds

Steve & Miriam Reynolds

Debbie Weismuller, Jennifer Pazdzior

Miriam Reynolds

Dave Heslin, Ansley Seagraves, Rhonda Seagraves, Alden Kennedy

Andrew Yarbro

Larsen Kennedy

Craig Crabtree, Andy Guerrasio, Bud Reynolds, Steve Reynolds, Dan Berg, Greg Fletcher, Glenn Davison, Pete Cannizzaro


Vicki Daly, Stephen Daly, Michelle Daly, Marie Daly, Kathleen Daly, Dan Berg, Jody Key, Grant Key, Kate Maleki, Bud Reynolds

Special Thanks! 

Special Thanks to the following volunteer families who helped with cast party, concessions, costumes, sewing, ironing, hair, paparazzi, publicity, community outreach, parking, programs, backstage, props, cast board, set builds, strike, painting, moving, flying, stargrams, meals, tickets, t-shirts, flowers, souvenirs, and makeup:

Allen, Ashley, Autry, Berg, Berny, Boulware, Burke, Cannizzaro, Carson, Chastain, Clark, Combs, Crabtree, Daly, Darwin, Davison, Diskalkar, Dorminy, Ellis, Emory, Fletcher, Gallagher, Gandhi, Giles, Greene, Guerrasio, Hanks, Heslin, Hite, Ingram, Jackson, Kennedy, Key, Knaack, Kotter, Krubeck, Lamb, Luman, Main, Maleki, Marciniak, Mattera, McKenzie, Miller, Nagoles, Pastore, Pazdzior, Perez, Reynolds, Richardson, Rivers, Romo, Schulman, Seagraves, Shanks, Shelley, Skipper, Souder, Sunkara, Tillirson, Tyler, Vinton, Weismuller, Westray, Wieberg, and Xiao

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