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Annie Jr. 2017 

Book by Thomas Meehan, Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Martin Charnin



Four performances of Annie Jr. were held on May 26-28, 2017 in the Johnson High School Performing Arts Center (3305 Poplar Springs Rd, Gainesville, GA).


Graphic Artwork: Dale Edmondson

Cast of Annie Jr.


Annie understudy:







Miss Hannigan:

Miss Hannigan understudy:

Grace Farrell:

Mr. Warbucks:


Lily St. Regis:




Mrs. Greer:

Mrs. Pugh:


Bert Healy:

President Roosevelt:

Louis Howe:

Mr. Bundles:

Apple Seller:

Lt. Ward:

Sound Effects Man:

Dog Catcher:







Grace Dorminy

Jubilee Chastain

Karah Adams

Fallon Keel

Phoebe Owens

Samantha Stiller

Reagan Lamb

Mackay Vinton

Elizabeth Duetemeyer

Ansley Allen

Palini Sunkara

Asa Chastain

Balthazar Gradin

Annie Cobb

Jake Turki

Angelica Krubeck

Holly Tillirson

Claire Bicknell

Audrey Pearce

Lillian Trippe

Ian Johnson

Griffin Holcomb

Matthew Conway

Marzuq Chowdhury

Hannah Stewart

Paul Lee

Holden Shanks

Roy Conway

Scruffy Sturges

Caroline Bruner, Jubliee Chastain, Anderson Cheek, Briana Conway, Grace Dorminy, Alexis Hovey, ILeigh Johnson, Rylee Kate Lamb, Lila Lee McCarthy, Ashley Neff, Killian Shariett, Elin Silvers, Piper Spence-Vaughan, Hannah Stewart, Brooklyn Sturges, Madison Sturges, Lillian Trippe, Lillian Wade, Elliana Wareham, Fallon Croxton

Kayna Adams, Ansley Allen, Savannah Ashley, Gabrielle Baltus, Maggie Jo Barlow, Abigail Boyer, Briana Brozowski, Marzuq Choudhury, Annie Cobb, Matthew Conway, Roy Conway, Fallon Croxton, Elizabeth Duetemeyer, Molly Dwyer, Sadie Dwyer, Balthazar Gradin, Griffin Holcomb, Ian Johnson, Kaiya Landrum, Paul Lee, Amanda Neighbor, Audrey Pearce, Sami Shadoff, Holden Shanks, Ashley Steele, Lillian Trippe, Tate Whaley

Production Team and Crew



Music Director:

Assistant Music Director:

Stage Manager:

Assistant Stage Managers:

Voice Captain:

Dance Captains:

Set Design:

Costume Design:

Lighting Design:

Sound Design:

Lighting Design:

Light Board Operator:

Spot Operator:

LED Lights:

Master Electrician:

Fly Operator:



Backstage Tech Crew:

Prop Masters:

Set Building Crew:

Costume Crew:

Executive Directors:

Heidi Rider

Kaitlin Gentry

Halli Rider

Kayna Adams

Jody Key

Kenadi Adams, Grant Key

Kayna Adams

Fallon Croxton, Lillian Trippe

Deangela Chastain

Earline Sturges

Jody Key

Eric Sturges, Grant Key

Jody Key

Chelsea Thomas

Carina Shanks

Jody Key

Grant Key

Tucker Buffington

Alana Greene, Dan Berg, Jody Key

Kathy Conway

Cara Cinquemani, Halli Rider, Ian Adams, Miriam Chastain, Reece Lamb, Cole Singleton


Hannah Voyles, Jenny Xu

Deangela Chastain, Paul Goebel, Fox Gradin, Nathan Chastain, Roland Chastain, Asa

Chastain, Miriam Chastain, Pat Chastain


Earline Sturges, Kawanna Martin, Rachel Krubeck, Cory Lamb, Melissa Giles


Haden Rider, Carly Ann Berg

Special Thanks

A Special Thanks To: Johnson High School, Georgia Design & Graphics, Montgomery Memorial Baptist Church, Performance Associates, Lanier Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Act 1 Theatre, Mullins Pharmacy, Crane Transport Inc., BGW Dental Group, Parkview High School, Flight-Dynamix, Acting Troupe of Lambert, The Scene is Set, QAB Baseball Academy, and to all of the wonderful POP parents! THANK YOU!! 

Annie Jr. was presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials were also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 541-4684 Fax: (212) 397-4684 

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